Why should you shop small for your new kitchen or bathroom rather than buying online?

We all love to get a great deal and to feel we have saved some money, but very often it really is too good to be true. With lots of online options for kitchens and bathrooms nowadays it leaves some people wondering why traditional showrooms like us still exist, but we will explain why we are actually thriving at the moment.

Round it up… It will be ok!

Probably the biggest problem customers face when ordering online is that the kitchen arrives, and it doesn’t fit or isn’t functional. Big Problem. Using our expertise, we can advise on the fit, practicality and configuration of your kitchen or bathroom. We always have in mind and have experience of how doors open, practical layouts and floor space that only comes after being in the industry for 20+ years. We provide the full service from measuring your kitchen, using leading CAD design software, and mocking up your kitchen so you really can see and understand what it will look like before you purchase.

I think that colour will be fine.

Fine will never be good enough for us, your new kitchen or bathroom should match perfectly with your vision, current colour scheme or even a specific kettle (sounds crazy but it has been done before!) You can view the large range of colour samples we have in the showroom and we will give you our expert advice on design and style.

I didn’t realise we needed to order that bit…

One of the most common reasons why online seems so much more competitive than in store is because they forget to remind you of the extra bits you will need, and although it might only be £50 here and £100 there, it really adds up. Our costs for your kitchen and bathroom is for everything you will need for your project, no hidden costs, extra additions or annoying bills later down the line. Just clear, concise and transparent quotes. We also work with several exceptional tradesmen so we can advise on fitters for your project.

We are passionate about making your house a home you love and guiding you through the process with ease is our number one priority. Come and visit our showroom and have a chat with our experienced and professional team to learn more about Sheewater and what we offer.


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