How much does a new bathroom cost?

This is one of our most asked questions. Like most things in this world, products are built to differing specifications and qualities - bathrooms are the same story.
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Budget Bathrooms – You don’t need to break the bank

Some independent bathroom companies will turn their noses up at budget bathrooms; however, we believe there is a place in the market for this level of product. At this level, you will receive simplified product offerings and basic quality materials which tend not to be as long lasting as the mid and high end ranges, but you can get a bathroom that is sturdy, functional and ticks the majority of boxes.

You may have to compromise on the “perfect style”, replace component parts and look after the product with a little more care and attention. But on the whole, you should be able to pick up a well priced bathroom from £1500 that will be a decent quality.

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Mid-Range Bathrooms – Good value for money

This is where we specialise. In this section of the market, you will get a well-built product that will last 10-20 years. As well as access to a great selection of product styles, colours and shapes. From modern through to traditional, multiple options of brassware and products that will make you feel like you’re at a spa everytime you shower.

An Mid-Range bathroom can cost in the region of £4000-£10000.

High-End Bathrooms – Top end product, top end quality, top end pricing

At this end of the market, you will get the cream of the crop product that is built using the best materials for the function. As well as a great selection of product styles including the most up to date designs, colours and shapes. You will be able to find all styles and some of the most exotic products that you could dream of.

A High-End bathroom can cost in the region of £20000 – £50000+.

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