How does the price affect the quality of bathrooms?

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes and the quality of the materials used varies considerably.
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When you set your budget for your bathroom, we recommend you consider quality, choice and longevity. If you want good quality, a wide choice of styles and fittings and a bathroom that will last 10-20 years, go for the mid-range option. Here’s a guide to the difference between low, mid and high range bathrooms.

Characteristics to budget bathrooms:

  • Thinner baths
  • Flexible shower trays
  • No adjustment on drawer boxes
  • Reduced opening on drawers and less stability
  • Less choice of colours
  • Repeating patterns on tiles (the same pattern over and over again)
  • Thinner ceramic which can be prone to thermal shock
  • Ceramics with more ripples in
  • Tiles that are not always flat or level and sizes that slightly fluctuate tile to tile
  • Standardised product selection

Characteristics to mid quality bathrooms:

  • Thicker, more durable baths
  • Solid shower trays
  • Cutable shower trays with colour options
  • Fully extending drawers
  • Stable on the drawer box
  • Ceramics that are flatter
  • Thicker ceramics
  • Complete selection of good quality matching brassware
  • Matching Accessories
  • Tiles that have a pattern across multiple tiles (less pattern repeat)

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Characteristics to high end bathrooms:

  • The best materials used
  • Stone freestanding baths
  • Composite or wet room shower trays
  • Bespoke options available
  • Flat ceramics
  • Thicker ceramics
  • Innovative designs and styles
  • Precision made product
  • On trend colours and materials
  • Matching accessories

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