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Do you offer an installation service?

This has to be the most discussed topic with our management team, and one that keeps taking us back to the same answer.
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During our discussions we ask the following questions:

Can we offer a good quality installation service?

Yes! We can use the best installers locally and sub-contract to them.

Can we offer an installation service that is good value for money?

No… By using a sub-contractor we pay them the same rate that a customer would. Plus we are VAT registered, where most of our trusted installers are not. Meaning we will need to add 20%. Plus we would need additional insurances which will add additional costs. Lastly, we would need to add costs to cover potential liability costs.

Can we have full control of an installation service?

No… We could employ our own team of installers to have full control. However, the best installers work for themselves and wouldn’t want to be tied to working for one company. Employing our own team would mean we can’t offer a good quality installation service and by using a sub-contractor we wouldn’t be able to dictate their movement.

Can we save our customers a lot of money by not offering an inhouse installation service?

Yes! Similar discussion points to the above, by offering a recommendation service we can save our customers around 40% rather than offering an inhouse service.

Can we recommend a quality an installer that would do a quality job?

Yes! Over the last 20 years we have built excellent relationships with a number of local installers.

How far will we travel?

Explore our How far will we travel? post to learn more.

When concluding the above questions, we feel we are better to offer a recommended installer service, rather than our own service. Although this may feel like its more work for you to do, it really isn’t as we recommend local installers. All you have to do is call them to arrange for them to visit.

When they visit, we can email the installer the list of products you have selected, along with the designs and room dimensions so they can double check our proposals are viable. We will also discuss any changes with the installer to ensure that your bathroom or kitchen installation goes as smoothly as possible.

Interested in starting discussions about your new kitchen or bathroom? Get in touch and we’ll call you back.

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