Do you offer an installation service?

This has to be the most discussed topic with our management team, and one that keeps taking us back to the same answer.
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Do we offer an installation service?

The simply answer is Yes!!!!

Can we offer an installation service that is good value for money?

We will only instruct the best installer for your job, what this means to you: We have a select pool of installers that over our 20 year history we have gained a special relationship with, we understand their strengths and weaknesses (yes, we’re not all perfect) and work closely with them to ensure that we can offer what we believe is good value for money, when you take into account, our relationships built over 20 years, our understanding of the workmanship and abilities, our project management and our keen eye to ensure that your new kitchen and bathroom is installed with as few mishaps as possible (again, we are not all perfect)

Can we have full control of an installation service?

We could employ our own team of installers to have full control. However, the best installers work for themselves and wouldn’t want to be tied to working for one company. Employing our own team would mean we could not offer an installation service we can be proud of and by using a sub-contractors although they are there own bosses we will with hold payments until the job is signed off to a satisfactory standard.

Can we save our customers a lot of money by not offering an inhouse installation service?

Yes! But, we believe our service, care and understanding far outweighs any small additional costs you would bear by purchasing our inhouse installation service.

Can we recommend a quality an installer that would do a quality job?

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to recommend installers, due to the additional liability this has on our company

How far will we travel?

Explore our How far will we travel? post to learn more.

When concluding the above questions, we feel we are better to offer an installation service, rather than our a recommended service. We feel to get a kitchen or bathroom installed without a relationship that has been built over years can be problematic at times, as we understand the way to deal with each individual installer in order to gain the perfect outcome for your new kitchen or bathroom.

Once, you have agreed our quotation subject to survey we will arrange to visit with our installer to discuss `our designs and your plans and if needed suggest any changes with the installer to ensure that your bathroom or kitchen installation goes as smoothly as possible.

Interested in starting discussions about your new kitchen or bathroom? Get in touch and we’ll call you back.

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