Do you offer a FREE design service?

Simply put – YES. We use the leading brands on both bathroom and kitchen CAD. Not only do we invest heavily in our design software, our staff are fully trained to help you create your dream kitchen or bathroom.
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When designing a room for our clients we will always try to utilise the room in the most efficient way – giving you the best use of space. We do also understand that not everyone wants the upheaval of a major renovation, so we always listen to your needs and offer you a design that works with your requirements.

Using our design service is a great way to visualise a real life image of what your new dream kitchen or bathroom will look like. If you already have the dimensions of the room and are happy to supply them, go ahead and request a design consultation. If you are not so confident with a tape measure and feel you are needing a professional to do this, then we have you covered. We not only offer a design service, we also offer a home measuring service too. If you would like this, contact us and we’ll call you to discuss a time to come and visit to take room measurements – these services are completely free!

Once we have either been supplied your measurements, or measured for you, we can start our 3 step process:

  1. We show you the plan and explain why we designed it that way.
  2. We review your precise needs and make any changes you want.
  3. With the design set, we get to work on a quote for you.

For an average bathroom will need at least 48 hours to put together our initial design. A kitchen will need 72 hours. We can either arrange a design consultation at the time of receiving your measurements or call you once we have completed our initial design work.

During the design consultation we will go through what we took out of our original discussions and why we have designed the room in the way we have (this would normally take between 1-2 hours). We will happily make any changes and look to finalising the design with you during this first meeting. Should you feel that the design stage was enough information for one day, we will require a follow up visit to go through the quote. If all has gone smoothly and you have some brain power left, at this time we can start working on a quote for you.

Interested in our FREE design service? Get in touch and we’ll call you back.

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